Advocacy Groups

Seniors have opportunities to influence public policy through the following groups:


The Rhode Island Advisory Commission on Aging was created in 1977

under the mandate of both the federal Older Americans Act and Rhode Island law.

The Commission is comprised of 25 members; 21 are appointed by the Governor

and four are appointed by members of the Rhode Island General Assembly. The

Commission advises the Governor and the Director of DEA regarding issues and

problems confronting elders and adults with disabilities.

Call DEA at 462-4000 (Voice) or 462-0740 (TTY ), or

THE POINT at 462-4444 (Voice) or 462- 4445 (TTY) .




The Rhode Island Forum on Aging was established in 1991 to bring

together a consortium of leaders from established senior, educational and advocacy

organizations. The Forum provides a focal point on aging issues, provides

information on these issues and establishes priorities for advocacy.

Call DEA at 462-4000 (Voice) or 462-0740 (TTY), or THE POINT at 462-4444 (Voice)

or 462-4445 (TTY).


The Silver Haired Legislature (SHL), created in 1981, is a non-partisan,

non-profit organization composed of 75 seniors representing each legislative district

in Rhode Island. Meetings are held each year to debate issues, develop resolutions

and recommend legislation to state and national officials. SHL efforts are focused on

advocating for senior issues by promoting knowledge of the governmental and

legislative process. Call DEA at 462-4000 (Voice) or 462-0740 (TTY), or

THE POINT at 462-4444 (Voice) or 462-4445 (TTY).

The SHL web site is


The Rhode Island Long Term Care Coordinating Council (LTCCC)

was created in 1987 to bring together leaders from the public and private sector to

coordinate the state’s long-term care agenda. The Council is committed to bringing

quality, affordable and accessible longterm care to Rhode Islanders. Call 222-2371.


In addition to the LTCCC,

the Governor’s Cabinet on Chronic and Long Term Care was established

by executive order in 2003. The directors of several state departments join together

to shape the future of long-term care in Rhode Island. Call 462-0501.


AARP-Rhode Island , 10 Orms Street, Providence , RI 02906 is a non-profit,

non-partisan organization for those 50 and older. AARP lobbies the federal and

state government for programs and services that enhance the quality of life for seniors.

Call the Rhode Island Chapter of AARP at 866- 542-8170 .


The Gray Panthers of Rhode Island is part of an intergenerational advocacy

organization that works for social and economic justice. Call 725-1122 .


Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) is a support

organization that helps parents of gays and lesbians to understand and accept

their children, For information onmonthly meetings , call 751-7571 or go to their

web site at .

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